29 Nov / 2016

How to keep your carpets stain free


People who have expensive carpets in their house know the struggle of keeping these carpets clean. It is a very stressful task to keep your luxurious, imported and expensive carpets stain free. At parties and functions, when there is food going around and drinks in people’s hands, there are going to be spills. Someone will spill their drinks on the carpet and that will cause a huge stain on your carpet. That is always what happens during parties. However, there is something that can help you with your stained carpet.  You can always let the professionals to clean your carpets. The best is the Carpet Cleaning Ajax. Their Carpet Cleaning services are known to offer customer satisfaction. However, there is always something you can do to prevent getting stains on your rugs. Here are a few ways in which you can avoid stains on your carpet.

  • When you plan to have a party or a get together at our house, do it in the front yard or the backyard. There is plenty of space in these areas. Your guests can enjoy the party without spilling anything on your carpets. Even if they spill something it will be on the ground and not on your rugs or carpets.
  • If something falls on your carpet like a drink or a sauce Etc. try to clean it up as quickly as possible. Do not let the stain dry. If it will dry, then it will become very tough to get rid of.
  • There are many stain cleaning tips that you can find on the internet. Some of them are very useful in getting rid of tough stains.
  • Avoid eating meals by just sitting on the carpet. Use a coffee table to keep your food there. Eat on the kitchen table to prevent any spills on the carpet.