Should you own your personal swimming swimming pool, or if you’re thinking associated with installing a backyard pool, you’ll have a number of components of functional equipment which are necessary to aid the pool and it is water.

If you’re budgeting for any swimming-pool, then these things have to be added towards the “buy” checklist. All are crucial if you would like clean tepid to warm water and a chance to swim through the different seasons from the year.

What do you really need – the actual supporting throw

Swimming in your yard or even garden is really a real luxurious, but this particular activity could be hindered in several regions through cold periodic weather. This awesome weather could make the idea of swimming unattractive, however all that will change for those who have a hot water heater.

A swimming pool heater is definitely an important necessity in several regions as it can certainly increase water’s heat to enjoyable swimming as well as bathing amounts. Modern heating unit options tend to be extensive and can include solar energy, boilers as well as condenser boilers, heat exchangers as well as electric heating units. Not many of these options may suit each and every pool, and various heaters possess different energy outputs as well as varying amounts of temperature manage, but there’s a solution for each situation.

To ensure that a heater to operate effectively it’s heat must be evenly distributed through the water. With this to occur the tepid to warm water needs in order to circulate round the pool which is achieved utilizing a pump. Pool pumps force water from the actual heater towards the pool, after which back again inside a continual re-circulating movement. This ensures that we now have no chilly spots within the water which a well balanced temperature is actually maintained.

Having tepid to warm water is something, but water must also be thoroughly clean and free of dirt, contaminants and particles. For this particular a drinking water filter is needed. These unique filters may remove a myriad of impurities since the water is actually passed via their filtration.

There tend to be three different types of water filter plus they are based upon sand, cartridge as well as Diatomaceous Planet (DE). Each offers different pros and cons, but fine sand is typically the most popular (and also the cheapest) for many medium size garden swimming pools. The way how the filter functions (we. e. is driven) is through the water having through it through the pump. Both of these components interact.

Aside in the heater, pump motor and filtration system, another vital pool component may be the wall as well as floor coating. This comprises a constant waterproof membrane layer that covers the whole internal surface from the tank or even concrete building. It safeguards the built surface as well as adds colour along with a professional finish towards the completed task.

There tend to be two various kinds of lining, the very first being tiles as well as mortar sealed having a water resistant grout, and also the second option as being a single item vinyl lining. These durable liners are created in regular sizes and therefore are also obtainable as customized makes towards the precise measurements of the client.

Vinyl liners tend to be cheaper compared to tiles as well as grout and they may be fitted inside a fraction of times that it requires a moist trade in order to tile the pool.

Extra supplies

The prior components are integral areas of the floating around environment and it is machinery however, in add-on, further cleansing and warmth conservation equipment is needed.

Cleaning gear includes possibly manual or even automated vacuum cleaner pumps in order to suck grime and debris in the water, in addition brushes as well as nets in order to loosen as well as catch a few larger products. Fully automatic cleaners can be found and they are able to clean the ground surface as well as suck upward debris by simply running their own automated plan. These automatic robot cleaners tend to be popular with regard to regular make use of swimming conditions.

Many property owners enjoy a pool in their own backyard. People who switch houses and their own new home is missing a swimming pool, may choose to have 1 installed. They may hire a business specializing within concrete pools construction to get the job done.

Concrete pools in Melbourne are very popular. That doesn’t mean you need to hire the very first company causing you to a good offer. Be cautious in your own selection procedure, and follow the following nine tips if you wish to prevent discontentment.

Tip #1 — Survey your home to help you figure out wherever where is for the swimming swimming pool. Make sure the region is nicely protected through nosy neighbors. Avoid places with lots of trees as well as shade. You’ll need a lot associated with sun, and incredibly few simply leaves and twigs inside your pool.

Tip #2 – There are lots of models associated with concrete pools which will look good inside your backyard. Take into account the shape that could suit your way of life and home best. Are you going to use this to go swimming laps, or even purely in order to play within? Will a person allow children inside your pool? You may sketch your chosen pool form on a bit of paper, or squirt paint it on the floor in the region in store. Select various paint colours for that actual pool and also the surrounding outdoor patio.

Tip #3 — Request free of charge consultations through several companies. They ought to visit your house to examine your yard, and discuss your choices with a person. Only get in touch with specialists within concrete pools construction that:

Are certified and covered
Can supply current recommendations
Gladly display pictures of the completed tasks
Have already been operating for quite some time
Are people of each SPASA as well as H. We. A.

Tip #4 — Discuss your opinions with the different pool building contractors. Demonstrate to them your drawings, drawings as well as designs. Question them as numerous questions as you possibly can, and jot down the solutions so they’ll be easier to consider. Inquire just how long the project will require, if they are able to give a person recommendations, and which kind of warranty they provide.

Tip #5 — Review as well as compare the actual proposals a person received in the companies delivering concrete swimming pools in Melbourne. Not only consider the quoted cost, but additionally the services they offer for which amount. Although some companies might be cheaper, they might not deliver exactly the same quality workmanship.

Tip #6 – Choose the two or three most attractive proposals. Contact the actual references of those particular providers of concrete pools in Melbourne, and verify these references tend to be real as well as these contractors are actually worth going after.

Tip #7 — Make your own final choice. Keep in your mind that the cheapest price might not always provide you with the cost effective.

Tip #8 — Contact the actual concrete pools firm of the choice as well as set the construction beginning date that’s convenient with regard to both you and also the pool organization.

Tip #9 – You are able to supervise as well as inspect the actual pool set up, but don’t bother the actual workers if you see something you don’t like or even understand. Address any kind of concerns towards the project supervisor or foreman. He can show you in fine detail what the actual workers tend to be doing as well as why. He is able to also maintain you informed concerning the various building stages, and can let you know when you will probably take your own first dip inside your new concrete pool.

Making a choice to refurbish a pool is not always easy, but the actual recent development of pool technology can make renovations really worth your whilst. Homeowners are now able to transform a classic, troublesome pool right into a luxury pool, with each and every possible amenity, which runs softer than this ever do. Unfortunately, many people be satisfied with their current pool because they don’t receive sufficient information concerning the possibilities of the pool restoration. Maybe these people simply undervalue the transformative probabilities of renovating a current pool. You shouldn’t be intimidated through the task associated with renovating your own pool using the latest business trends.

Listed here are the 5 greatest upgrades to think about for your pool renovation:

1. Salt Drinking water Chlorinator – Pool Purifier Extraordinaire

Salt Drinking water Chlorinators represent a brand new wave in pool service technologies. Salt drinking water chlorinators take away the need with regard to liquid chlorine, granular chlorine, or even chlorine pills. The key here’s convenience. Salt drinking water chlorinators get rid of the storage as well as manual software of chlorine. When chlorine is required, salt is changed into chlorine via a simple chemical substance process, exactly the same process that’s used to produce these additional chlorine chemicals. The development of chlorine inside the swimming swimming pool itself offers increased sanitizing effects because of the chemical process through which the chlorine is actually formed. General, a renovation which includes a sodium water chlorinator reduces the trouble of including and checking chlorine. These chlorinators will even prevent itchy eye and eco-friendly hair through regulating their very own chlorine amounts. Save your own goggles for that beach. Spend additional time swimming inside your pool as well as less time looking after it. Salt drinking water chlorinators consider complete responsibility for the pool.

two. Color BROUGHT and Dietary fiber Optic Swimming pool Lights – Pools That Reveal Backyard Nightlife

One renovation that could significantly update your pool’s visible effects may be the addition associated with color BROUGHT and dietary fiber optic illumination. This brand new trend associated with backyard evening lighting is warming up swimming swimming pools and landscapes worldwide. Color dietary fiber optic as well as LED swimming pool lights could be inserted straight into the ground or wall of the pool or even spa, allowing whole bodies associated with water in order to glow in several neon colours. A well-lit swimming pool surrounded through fiber optic place lights may bring your swimming pool and landscape alive. These dietary fiber optic as well as LED lights boost the overall value of the pool; they boost the functional utilization of an outdoor living area by motivating homeowners in order to swim as well as entertain within their back back yards well following sundown. Along with extending the actual hours of pool use, colour LED as well as fiber optic lighting also produce dynamic background objects to night gatherings. Fiber optic celebrity lights could be sprinkled across the bottom from the pool, wall of the waterfall, or inside a grotto along with astronomical results. Dazzling visible displays is visible as the actual LED as well as fiber optic lighting shift within color as well as set the actual mood for any romantic late-night swim or perhaps a bustling yard bash. Including dietary fiber optics or even LED lights inside your pool renovations can change your nightlife.

3. Aggregate Complete Pool Plaster — A Long lasting Surface Which Sparkles all the way through

Much such as pool illumination, aggregate swimming pool plaster surface finishes produce richly-colored swimming pools. Pool plaster safeguards concrete gunite swimming pools from harmful, but brand new plaster technology is promoting much much more aesthetically-pleasing options to dull, white Marcite plaster. Aggregate finishes not just produce stronger surfaces compared to outdated Marcite however they are also made of a multitude of textures as well as colors. Because quartz, deposits, and small stones have elevated the plaster’s sturdiness, the standard has additionally been raised for that overall looks of swimming pool plaster. These types of surfaces reveal and refract colours and gentle, producing exciting effects in the bottom from the pool completely up towards the surface. Aggregate finishes could be polished as well as smooth or even bumpy, utilizing pebbles, for any natural really feel. Overall, renovating your pool with a good aggregate complete can garnish this with gleaming color and boost the life-expectancy from the finish to between 10 as well as 20 in addition years, instead of Marcite that lasts no more than ten years.

4. Digital Auto Fill up – The actual Endless Drinking water Supplier

Renovating your own pool by having an electronic car fill can offer an superb, practical addition to some swimming swimming pool. Much such as the salt drinking water chlorinator, digital auto floods, in common, cut down about the time spent worrying regarding your swimming pool. Water amounts in swimming pools drop every single day due to evaporation the ones coming within and away. If water is as well low, swimming pool pumps as well as filters can’t function correctly. Electronic car fills monitor water level from the swimming swimming pool and fill up the swimming pool accordingly till it gets to its correct level. You will no longer have to be worried about where water level ought to be, nor do you have to operate a hose to the pool for a couple of hours. Renovating by having an electronic car fill serves up to now another means to fix your pool concerns.

5. Natural Rock Coping as well as Decking – Pools Decked Away in Organic Stone

Another useful pool renovation may be the addition associated with natural rock coping as well as decking. Rock coping as well as patios provide style in order to outdoor residing spaces. A number of stones may be used for dealing and patios, for example bluestone, sandstone, as well as Tennessee Crab Orchard. With respect to the style from the swimming swimming pool, various organic stones may complete the appearance with organic or official tones. Contrasting materials may also be used to pull attention as well as frame points of interest of the rear yard. For example, bluestone dealing around a pool with sandstone decking illustrates the outline from the pool. Make sure to choose gemstones wisely, and bear in mind the useful needs associated with given areas. Tennessee Crab Orchard swimming pool patios, for instance, stay fairly cool within the hot summer time sun, keeping your own bare ft from using up as a person relax close to your recently renovated pool. In add-on, natural rock serves like a better choice than the usual simple paver outdoor patio; pavers generally become out-of-date after 5 many years. Natural rock also proves to supply a much better surface compared to stamped cement because it’s not slippery and also the color doesn’t fade.

Remodeling Conclusions

Homeowners should make the most of their swimming pool renovations through upgrading certain facets of their pool and outdoor living area. Visually, organic stone dealing and decking, in addition to color BROUGHT and dietary fiber optic swimming pool lights, create stunning scenes that showcase in thrilling ways. About the service finish, electronic car fills as well as salt drinking water chlorinators supply hassle-free options that maintain pools superior and operating smoothly. Lastly, aggregate plaster surface finishes combine functionality and elegance. Durable swimming pool plasters protect pools from harmful for 20 in addition years. Simultaneously, aggregate surface finishes bring the colorful shimmer in order to concrete pools. Don’t neglect this versatile listing of exciting upgrades when it comes to a pool renovation. Upgrade your own pool with all these up-to-date amenities and you’ll never need to renovate your pool again.

It isn’t just enough to set up an inground pool; you must stress about its normal maintenance. Over cast or murky drinking water is each unwelcoming as well as unhealthy in order to bathe within. Therefore, it is necessary that you arrange for the money for the actual circulation from the water. Installing an effective circulation program inside pools can keep your water superior and free of pathogens. Stagnant water can also be the reproduction ground with regard to insects as well as pests. Nonetheless, not simply circulation, however, you also needs to be careful concerning the sanitation of the pool.

One’s heart of both sanitation as well as circulation program of pools is the actual pumps. The primary function of the pump would be to draw polluted and filthy water in the pool, passing it with the pool filters after which pouring water back once again. You can select from the subsequent three kinds of filters for the natatorium:

Fine sand filters: These filter systems use sand since the filtration cartridge. Water is passed via a cylinder composed of sand. The particles is strained out and also the clean drinking water is after that pushed to the pool by using a pump motor.

Cartridge filter systems: There is really a cartridge within these filter systems. This cartridge sieves the actual impurities in the water as well as cleans the actual natatorium. It’s more efficient compared to sand filters and may clean moment impurities in the water. It’s also low upon maintenance when compared with the previous one.

Diatomaceous planet filters: The DE earth is really a porous material that’s formed in the skeletal continues to be of ocean sponges. These filters can handle holding back the littlest impurities in the water, making water safe with regard to use.

Once you have cleared the actual debris in the water, you should treat water with chemical substance disinfectants in order to kill the actual germs and also the pathogens within the water. Your inground pools contractor may suggest a person on utilizing an oxidizer in order to kill each organic as well as inorganic pollutants. There will also be other types of swimming swimming pools sanitizers – chlorine, PHMB, as well as bromine. Apart through these contemporary natatorium companies often recommend on using oxidizers for example hydrogen peroxide as well as salt chlorine machines, which changes common sodium into chlorine without having making water salty.

A reputed pools contractor might test water before including any chemical substances arbitrarily. It is suggested that the actual pH from the water ought to remain in between 7. two and 7. 8 and also the alkalinity from the water ought to be about eighty to 120 components per zillion.

For installing an inground pool complete having a properly practical circulation program, you should choose contractors such as Blue Mountain Pools is one of the best contractors for the installation of inground swimming pools in VancouverFree Articles, Washington..

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Pools: In Floor Pools

Although over ground pools may end up being cheaper to purchase, easier to set up, and cheaper to use, a large amount of people would rather have within ground swimming pools. In ground pools will give you lot much more room in order to swim, and much more space. People who possess families or lots of friends who like to swim, would greatly take advantage of having one of these simple pools.

In ground pools are long-lasting, as they’re designed along with cement about the sides and across the bottom. They are a little more expensive compared to above ground pools, although they’re more compared to worth the cash you invest. Depending in your needs, you could have your within ground pool created to your preference, such like a shallow finish for kids along with a deep finish for scuba diving.

Installing a good in ground pool will take a little more time compared to above floor pools, which just take a couple of hours. To set up an within ground swimming pool, the contractor will have to dig the hole within the ground, then setup the framework outside the hole. Once this really is finished, he’ll pour a few sand within the bottom from the this pit, then arranged the lining up.

Along with in floor pools, you’ll possess a few various kinds of material that you could select for that liner. The most typical and favored is vinyl fabric, which can also be the the majority of attractive. Vinyl liners will also be better with regard to winter too. If you reside in a place that established fact for winter season, you might want to go having a vinyl liner for the swimming swimming pool.

Fiberglass as well as concrete will also be excellent liners too. Fiberglass liners tend to be constructed inside a factory through fiberglass strengthened plastic then caused until this resembles a very large bath tub. Unlike vinyl fabric liners, you won’t have to replace fiberglass. Ultimately, you may save lots of money and time using a fiberglass lining.

Concrete liners will also be great, and are probably the most common methods to line your own in ground pool. If you’re using cement, you may also have your own pool customized poured, providing you with the design you would like. Concrete endures for a long time, and such as fiberglass liners, it doesn’t have to be replaced. You may also add towards the look of the liner too, by utilizing tile or even finishing the actual concrete lining with plaster.

In ground pools are ideal for families who like to swim, or those who wish to have the largest swim swimming pool possible. Even although they take considerable time to construct and cost lots of money, they tend to be more than worthwhile ultimately – whenever you walk outside and find out what you’ve with your personal eyes.

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Pools: Indoor Pools

When the majority of us think associated with summer as well as hot times, the very first thing that involves mind is really a swimming swimming pool. A pool provides respite from hot summer time days, and provides us an opportunity to simply unwind, enjoy ourself, and consume some physical exercise. Although they’re mostly normal with hot summer time days, pools are additionally great indoors too, providing all year round swimming.

Indoor pools have become extremely popular through the years, especially within gyms along with other facilities like the YMCA. In a gym or even YMCA, indoor pools are a terrific way to cool lower after lifting weights or a terrific way to get in certain cardio-exercise. Unlike outdoor pools, you may use an interior pool all year round – and never have to worry concerning the weather.

If a person don’t prefer to join fitness centers or if you discover the areas of indoor pools to end up being crowded, you might be interested within having an inside pool in your own home. This is extremely possible nowadays, due in order to indoor swimming pools being less expensive than actually. The very first thing you’ll have to do before you will get one although, is help to make room for this. If a person don’t possess the space in order to store the pool within, you should add an area onto your house to place the swimming pool in.

For those who have the cash to extra, an within ground indoor pool provides you with plenty associated with room in order to swim laps and also have lots of friends more than with lots of room in order to spare. This might cost lots of money though, which guidelines it away for a lot of us. You’ll also require a big space for this kind of pool too, as it may cover lots of space.

If a person don’t have lots of money to extra, you may use an over ground swimming pool instead. You’ll still have to room in order to store this, or you are able to again add-on to your house. Adding on to your house will assistance to raise the entire value of the property, which would have been a major plus afterwards in the future if you choose to sell your house. Indoor pools hold lots of value, especially for those who have it built yourself.

If you have your pool set upward indoors, you’ll must have a expert do every thing. Although it may seem you can perform everything your self, it will end up being a little more complicated than it may seem. Professionals know precisely what they tend to be doing, and won’t possess any problems whatsoever. They will even do all the work for you personally, and contact the required officials to make certain that your interior pool contours with condition and nearby laws.

Within more methods than 1, an indoor pool can will give you lot associated with fun as well as excitement all year round. Indoor swimming pools have lots of benefits, also providing to become great when you have back difficulty or additional medical conditions. Even although the pool is actually indoors, you may also invest inside a heater for the swimming swimming pool and keep your water a particular temperature whenever you choose to jump within and have a swim.

You’ll find everything you’ll need for an inside swimming swimming pool online or even through the local swimming swimming pool supply shop. If you have to add on to your house first, you might want to contact the carpenter very first. Once you’ve all you need and you receive your interior pool completed, you’ll end up being amazed using the results. You’ll have the ability to go floating around anytime a person likeFree Content, day or even night – within the privacy of your home.

No one wants an accident to occur, but they invariably do for all swimming pool owners. The best way for you to help prevent as many pool side accidents as possible is to follow certain swimming pool safety tips that all who use your pool must follow. As a pool owner it is your responsibility to know the dangers of the water as well as how you can prevent them. Here are a few tips that will get you started in preparation to owning a swimming pool.

Safety Rule 1: Constant Supervision

Whether it’s you, your spouse or another adult that you trust, there should always be supervision around your pool when people are using it. It’s obviously most preferred if someone who owns the pool is around as a means to keep the rules in order. The best option is to have a supervisor that knows how to swim well enough to help a child or another adult in case of an accident.

Safety Rule 2: Flotation Devices

While children that can’t swim should have a safety device like arm floats or life vests, you should never rely on those to prevent a child from drowning. Never allow your child to swim alone with these devices. Make sure you can reach your child at all times when he/she is in the swimming pool.

Safety Rule 3: Fence

By having a fence you are creating a physical boundary that should keep most children out. The only effective way for this to work is if your child doesn’t know how to unlatch or open the gate and if the gate is locked at all times when you can’t be near the pool to watch your child swim. There are ways you can secure your fence so older children that can reach a latch can’t open the gate either. Have a lock with a key or a combination lock. You can also install an alarm on the fence so if the gate does get opened you’ll be informed.

Safety Rule 4: Have a Phone Handy

A cordless phone could almost be considered a must when you have a swimming pool. Accidents only take a few seconds to happen. The time it would take for you to run inside and answer a phone call is all it could take for something fatal to happen. Also, having a phone nearby will help if something does happen while you’re around and you need to call for emergency help.

Safety Rule 5: Permission slips

Because swimming is most fun when there are other people around your children will likely want to have friends over to swim with them. Instead of not allowing this, make sure you have permission slips for each child you allow into your pool. Also, each child should be able to swim.

Safety Rule 6: Deep vs. Shallow ends

Because there are people that can’t swim, it’s often wise to have some sort of indication of where the pool is too deep for people to reach. Make sure both children and adults understand that the deep end is only for people that can swim. One way you can ensure they can swim is have them pass a swimming test by making them swim from one edge of the pool to the other width-wise.

Safety Rule 7: Removing Ladders

Many above ground swimming pools have ladders as a means of getting in and out. If you’re not using or near the pool you should always have the ladder away from the pool and in a secured place so children can’t get to the pool alone.

Safety Rule 8: CPR

Because you are the supervisor of the swimming pool your job is much like a lifeguard’s. If you own a swimming pool you should know how to perform CPR. If you don’t know CPR then find a class to learn it. You could save a life by knowing CPR.

The rules of the pool will all be created by you. If you need to go so far as to post the rules around the pool do so. Don’t be lenient about the rules because that is how issues arise regarding safety.

The first thing you need to consider when designing your pool is its intended use. Do you want to swim laps, do physical therapy, exercise, entertain guests, let the kids have some fun, or impress your neighbors? After all, you want to get a pool for a reason or a multitude of reasons to enhance your life. A pool’s intended use has arguably the greatest impact on the way it should be designed, and therefore, the needs and wants your swimming pool is intended to fulfill should be identified very early in the design process. It is also useful to recognize the pool’s primary functions to help you narrow down your design choices. In the following sections we’ll go over some of the most popular benefits people get from owning a pool, and how these impact the swimming pool’s design.

Fun and Leisure:

The most frequent motive for obtaining a swimming pool is for family fun and leisure. A backyard pool is a great place to cool off during the summer, have fun with the kids and throw some inflatable toys around. If this is your only reason for wanting a pool, then the simplest, least expensive swimming pool designs will suffice. If your budget is large, then you may want to invest in some luxury, but otherwise an above-ground pool or a shallow in-ground pool would be enough to meet your needs. A pool that’s at a constant depth of 4 feet is sufficiently deep to splash around and swim the occasional lap in, but also shallow enough to provide safety for the whole family.


If you want to use your pool for some serious exercise, then the dimensions of your pool require more critical consideration. For lap swimming, a pool at least 25 feet long and 3. 5 feet deep is recommended, with typical lengths ranging form 25 to 40 feet. There are also dedicated lap pools that are relatively very narrow, and therefore fit in constrained spaces. Water aerobics require some more depth to avoid touching bottom. Typically a section of the pool that’s 5 to 6 feet deep is enough for this purpose.

Another option for swimmers is the swim spa, which is a small pool, usually no more than about 12 feet in length that can generate a strong current to swim against. One can then swim against the current while remaining in place. Their small size also makes the installation of indoor swim spas a very viable option in many cases.

Parties and Entertaining Guests:

If pool parties are in your future you may have a few other design issues to think about. These largely involve the landscaping and design of the area surrounding the pool. You may want to surround the pool with a patio or a deck, add a pool house, a gazebo, an outdoor bar, furniture, etc. In addition, you may want the pool itself to be designed for looks, with a stylish shape, rather than just for functionality. Carefully hiding pool equipment will also make the pool area more appealing.


Spending time at your pool can be very relaxing, and the proper amenities will make it even more enjoyable. An addition of a spa or a hot tub to the pool area is a great complement to the swimming pool itself. Like pools, these come in the in-ground, and portable, above-ground varieties. An in-ground spa is typically connected to the pool’s filtration and heating systems. And if that’s not the case, a portable spa is a much more economical option.

If you’re going to spend time pool-side sunbathing, be sure to leave the space for it. And if you opt for the above-ground pool variety, the addition of a sizable pool level deck makes great sense.

An automatic swimming pool cleaner is absolutely the best piece of swimming pool equipment a pool owner can invest in. Manually cleaning a swimming pool is very time consuming and few pool owners enjoy this tedious task. An automatic swimming pool cleaner allows you to spend less time maintaining your swimming pool, and more time relaxing and enjoying your pool! There is a wide selection of automatic pool cleaners available for any budget, and every size In-Ground or Above-Ground swimming pool. There are three different types of automatic pool cleaners for In Ground pools and Above Ground pools, and they are classified by the way they collect debris and move around the pool. “Suction Side” automatic pool cleaners are connected to your pool skimmer and “Pressure Side” automatic pool cleaners connect to a return line fitting of your pool. “Robotic” pool cleaners work independently from your pool filtration system, and are powered by electricity.

Suction Side automatic pool cleaners use the suction power created by your filtration system to propel a pool cleaner around your swimming pool, and pick up debris from the pool floor. Suction side automatic pool cleaners are connected to the skimmer of the pool, and dirt and debris collected from the pool is deposited directly into your filtration system. Suction side automatic pool cleaners are very easy to connect to your swimming pool and to use. These pool cleaners may have an advantage over pressure side pool cleaners, because very little or no adjustments or additional parts are typically needed to adapt a suction side pool cleaner to your swimming pool. Examples of popular suction side automatic pool cleaners are the Hayward Pool Vac or Kreepy Krauly.

Pressure Side automatic pool cleaners connect to the return line fitting in the wall of your swimming pool. Pressure side automatic pool cleaners use a powerful jet of water to move around your swimming pool, and a jet of water is used to draw debris up from the pool surface into a special filter bag connected to the pool cleaner. Pressure side pool cleaners may have an advantage over suction side cleaners because they are typically more powerful and can climb the walls of an inground swimming pool. Because pressure side automatic pool cleaners are connected to the return line fitting of the swimming pool, the pool skimmer is left open to draw dirty water and debris from the surface of the pool. These pool cleaners act as a roving return line, and help eliminate “dead spots” in the swimming pool which are not reached by the circulating action of the main filter system. These pool cleaners deposit debris into a special filter bag instead of inside your pool filter system. Some pressure side pool cleaners feature their own “booster pump”, which works independently from your main pool filter system to create the extra water pressure needed for these powerful cleaners. Examples of popular pressure side automatic pool cleaners are most Polaris and most Letro brand pool cleaners.

Robotic automatic pool cleaners feature a built in filtration system, and operate independently from your main pool filter system. No cumbersome hoses or tedious adjustments are required. These self-contained automatic pool cleaners use on board electric motors to move around your pool and create the suction necessary to pick up debris from the pool surface. As these robotic pool cleaners move about cleaning the pool surface, they constantly circulate and filter your swimming pool water. A robotic pool cleaner will pick up debris from the pool floor, and can also climb the walls and steps of an inground swimming pool. These pool cleaners are designed to scrub the water line of the swimming pool, and regular use of a robotic swimming pool cleaner will eliminate the water line stain found on most outdoor pools.

Robotic pool cleaners save a great deal of money in operating costs, because these pool cleaners do not require your pool pump and filtration system to be running for the pool cleaner to work. This also means you do not have to clean your filtration system after each use, using more electricity and losing chemically treated water through the filter backwash cycle. Robotic pool cleaners are available in many sizes and models designed for average size above ground swimming pools, up to the largest commercial facilities and water parks. Many robotic pool cleaners feature a hand held remote control, giving the pool owner complete control over the movements of the pool cleaner. This allows very quick and easy spot cleaning. The most common robotic swimming pool cleaner on the market today is the Aquabot pool cleaner.

Closing a swimming pool can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be!

You may be asking yourself questions like: “can I close a swimming pool by myself? ” or “is closing a swimming pool hard or difficult? ” Well… Here’s a quick list of things that you have to do in order to get your pool closed down for the winter. Is this an exhausted list? Nope… So you be the judge on whether or not you should close your own swimming pool or give your local professional call.

Closing a pool for the winter months can be a daunting task. And by daunting, we mean that (for the average person) it’s not the most fun thing to do on their to do list.

There’s a lot of work that goes into closing a pool and that includes things like:

Step 1 in closing a swimming pool:

Adjust pH levels, calcium hardness, and alkalinity (pretty fancy stuff, eh? )#)

By ensuring that your pH levels, calcium hardness, and alkalinity in are balance, you’re protecting your swimming pool investment from corrosion or scale buildup that can occur over the winter while the pool is closed! These adjustments can be made a few days before your completely close down the pool.

Adjust the pH to between 7. 2 and 7. 8

Adjust the alkalinity to between 80 and 120ppm (that’s fancy talk for parts per million)

Adjust the calcium hardness to between 180 and 250ppm
Step 2 in closing a swimming pool:

Shock the water with Chlorine

You can use either chlorine or a non-chlorine substitute to kill bacteria that may be living the in pool (yup… it’s in there! )#) Make sure to get a shock treatment that’s at least 65% sodium hypochlorite or a non-chlorine substitute of equal strength. Fill a 5 gallon pail with pool water, add the instruction amount of treatment, and pour it into the pool while the filtration system is running.

If the shock treatment is “safe for people to swim in right away” it’s probably not strong enough to kill all of the bacteria in your pool; so, since you’re not going to be swimming in it (because you’re closing the swimming pool) use the stronger stuff.

Don’t add the water to the shock treatment, add the shock treatment to the water (trust us on this one)

Allow the chlorine level to get back to 1 to 3ppm over a few day time span before getting to the next step during the pool season when it’s in use. The stronger algaecide is meant to prevent algae from blooing all winter long
Step 3 in closing a swimming pool:

Clean the pool

Get rid of anything in the pool that isn’t H2O (water). Ladders, baskets, pumps, heaters, decorations, filters, hoses…
Hose off all of the pool equipment and lay it out to dry before you store it.
Skim it (not the milk, the pool).
Vacuum and brush the swimming pool. Do this stuff the same day that you close it to keep more debris from falling in
Step 4 in closing a swimming pool:

Lower the water level and drain all of the equipment.

Use a pump to lower the water level. It should be lower than the skimmer (this depends on the type of swimming pool cover you’re using).
For a mesh cover, the water should be 12-18 inches below the skimmer.
For a solid, floating cover, the water should be 3-6 inches below the skimmer.
Drain the equipment (pumps, heaters, chlorinators, filters… )#). If water freezes in there, it could damage it.
Open up all of the drains on the equipment and let the water out
Take the filters off and clean them thoroughly before storing them in a dry place inside for the winter
If you can’t take the filters out, use a shop vac or an air compressor to blow the remaining water out of them
Step 5 in closing a swimming pool.

Winterize the plumbing

The lines running water into the pool need to be dry so that they don’t freeze up and crack over the winter
Use a shop vac to blow air from the skimmer through the equipment and back into the pool. Use the expansion plugs to plug the lines so that more water doesn’t enter them
If you choose not to blow out the lines, you can add swimming pool anti-freeze to them to prevent remaining water from freezing, but make sure you follow the instructions (as with any and all of this stuff! )#)
Step 6 in closing a swimming pool.

Apply the pool cover

Make sure the cover you’re using is made for your pool! If it leaves gaps debris can enter the pool over the winter and cause issues later on…

Mesh safety covers are your best bet

Solid floating covers don’t fit as tightly, so you may have to pump out rainwater and other debris that get into your pool over the winter

Use water bags or aquablocks to make sure that the cover is secured as tightly as possible
Have trees around your pool? Get a leaf net to put over it and catch debris

Air Pillows are used to prevent the expansion of ice in above ground pools (for those of you with in ground pools, you don’t need these)

Inflate the air pillows with a leaf blower or shop vac and tie them in the center of the pool (if you have a big pool you may need more than one)

It you’ve made it this far, you’ve done it! Congratulations and check back to see how to open your swimming pool when the time comes. See you soon and have a great winter!