23 Nov / 2016

Flotation Devices for Your Boat

Having an assortment of flotation devices on a boat can save your life during a dangerous situation. You might be an excellent swimmer, but you cannot swim for long periods of time because it leads to exhaustion. While you might have life jackets on your boat for yourself and passengers, experts recommend having other floatable devices. You can order mattress replacement materials that are designed to float after a boat capsizes.

Use Float Tubes

In addition to a boat mattress replacement, it is a good idea to have several floatable boat cushions located on the chairs. Not only will these cushions provide a lot of comfort while you are sitting in your boat fishing or relaxing, but also, the devices can save someone’s life when a disaster occurs.

For additional protection, The Foam Factory recommends filling a boat’s chairs or benches with open-cell outdoor foam. Floatation devices work because the foam has extra air cells, and the foam does not absorb water.

Choose Specialized Floatable Devices

Life preservers in the shape of rings are also inexpensive floatable devices that are great for children to use because they can fit into the middle of the device. Whatever type of floatable safety equipment you choose for your boat, make sure that it contains dryfast foam instead of traditional cushioning material. This type of foam is designed to float, and it provides protection from microbial organisms such as mold or bacteria.