16 Dec / 2016

How to Paint Wicker Furniture

Well maintained wicker furniture will last you decades. Your painted wicker chairs and sofa will require some refinishing every few years to protect them and to give them a fresh look. Here is how best to paint your wicker furniture to give it new life.

Materials Needed


  • Soft bristle wire brush
  • Bucket of hot water with a little dish detergent
  • Sponge
  • Drop cloth (large)
  • Vinyl or latex gloves
  • Surgical or dust mask
  • Oil based spray primer (white)
  • Enamel spray paint (color of your choice)
  1. It is best to set up your work area outside on a dry and non windy day. Wicker Paradise recommends starting your work in the morning so your furniture has time to dry. Lay the drop cloth down and place the furniture on top of it.
  2. Scrape loose paint off of the pieces gently, so as not to damage the wicker. Wash any residue, mold, and dust off of the furniture with the water, detergent, and sponge. Allow the pieces to dry completely.
  3. Place your mask and gloves on. Spray a thin coat of primer on all surfaces using a sweeping motion while holding the can about 8” away. Allow to dry. You may need to apply a second coat of primer. Primer seals the surface and allows for the topcoat of paint to adhere better.
  4. When the primer is dry, apply your top coats of paint in the same fashion as you did the primer. Apply 2 thin coats with drying in-between. Thin coats will avoid drips on your finished pieces of work. Allow painted wicker sofa and chairs to dry completely.

That’s it! This is an all-day or two day project due to the drying time. You can tackle other DIY projects, or relax, while the furniture is drying. Replacement cushions will really spruce up your furniture and allow for a change of décor.