16 Mar / 2017

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home With Canvas Prints

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years (or just haven’t set foot in the “art” section of a Bed Bath & Beyond or Target, lately), you’ll have heard of a new fun way to decorate your walls: canvas prints. These are simple canvases traditionally used for painting that have photos printed onto them instead. The “invention” of the canvas print has revolutionized home decor in a few different ways.

It’s now much, much cheaper to display things like large photos and posters in a sophisticated way without having to shell out cash for framing. They also allow for a far more creativity in your home decor given that you can literally put almost any photo on a canvas print. The possibilities to showcase your unique personality are endless.

Family Photos

If you took the time to stage a family photo shoot (and if you’ve got any kids under five, that wasn’t an easy undertaking), you should be able to display your shots in the best way. Shutting them up in an album will preserve them, but then they’re not on display. And sure you can get 8x10s and frame those, but then they’re not really big enough to make a huge impact. But with canvas prints, if you have a high enough quality photo, you can make larger pieces out of your family photos. Bigger prints mean you can more fun with capturing candid moments which often don’t resonate as much when they’re presented in a small format.

Nature Prints

Ever wanted a place besides Instagram to put all of those photos you take on hikes and at the beach? Come on, you’re an amateur nature photographer in your heart of hearts, we can tell. Most of us have managed to snap something we think is worthy of display at some point or another, but unless you’re actually into photography, getting one of those photos printed in a quality fashion and then framed is not cheap. But if you go the canvas print route, you can live your dream of having your own brilliant work displayed in your home.

Check around to different online companies like Canvas Print HQ to see what the optimal resolution is for a large print and then get out and snap away. You may need to borrow a decent camera if you want something that will be a larger statement piece. We recommend going this route considering you can hang a floor-to-ceiling landscape on a blank wall and have it act like a new window. Your home will look bigger and you won’t have had to do a thing but take a photo and order a print online.

Make Your Home Your Portfolio

If you’re a graphic designer or perhaps an illustrator of some kind, canvas prints could allow you to make your home office or living room your own personal gallery. If you take client meetings in your home, what could be better than having your own work on display in a sophisticated way? Canvas prints offer you the opportunity to promote yourself in a subtle way, and one that won’t break the bank.

If you can source the best canvas printing for the lowest cost, you could probably invest in a few pieces to impress clients who visit your “office.” It’s also probably a decent way to inspire yourself to keep working hard. There’s something about seeing your own work on canvas that provides with a sense of legitimacy.