27 Mar / 2017

How to Choose a Condo That’s Perfect for You

Are you searching for a new condo? Before you sign a lease, you’ll want to make sure that it’s the right fit.

There’s a lot to consider before choosing your new home. You want to make sure that it has all the features that you’re looking for in a condo, along with dozens of other considerations.

The following tips will help you choose a condo that’s the perfect fit for you.

Make a List of the Features That Matter to You

Everyone has different tastes and preferences. Think of the main reasons that you want to find a condo compared to owning a house or renting an apartment.1

For example, you might enjoy the convenience of not having to deal with yard work. Or, the benefits of finding a condo with amenities, such as a clubhouse or pool.

Make a list of these features. Examples include:

  • The number of bedrooms that you require
  • The number of bathrooms that you’d like
  • The location of the condos
  • Appliances, layout, and other interior details
  • Private yard
  • Balcony
  • The amenities
  • The payment scheme – buy or lease

The number of bedrooms, baths, and the location could all be essential features that you won’t make exceptions for. But, you might need to be flexible with some of the other details.

It’s up to you to decide on the features that matter most. Though, you’ll have better luck finding a condo quickly if you keep your options open.

Get Your Finances in Order Before You Start Searching

Before you start searching for condos using your list of features, you need to have your finances in order. This will make it easier to find the right condo, as you’ll already know your price range.

Determine if you’re going to need a loan to cover the purchase of the condo. If so, then get preapproved. Preapproval will also speed the application process once you find the perfect condo.

Start Searching for Condos – Make a List of Your Options

With those steps out of the way, you can start your search for the right condo.

Visit real estate sites and search for condos. You can start by entering your chosen location and price range, along with any other details that are important to you.

Make a list of the condos that you find that you want to check out. Write down the address and the contact information.

Once you’ve got a list of 5 or more condos, you should set a date, or several dates, to visit the condos and see them in person. Use the contact info that you’ve found and schedule a time to view the condos.

What to Pay Attention to While Viewing a Condo

Just because a condo includes all the features that you want doesn’t mean that it’s the right fit. You need to see it in person and learn more about the area.

When you visit the condo, the first thing to pay attention to is the surrounding area. Determine if it’s the type of neighborhood that you prefer.

One way to do this is to look at the cars that other tenants drive to determine if the neighborhood is in your general economic bracket.

Also, look at the exterior of the condo. Is the yard well-kept? Is there garbage on the premises? Get a good look at the outside before you head inside.

When you view the inside of the condo, you want to ensure that the features listed online are really included.

Walk around and make sure that you view all the rooms. Look for signs of disrepair, holes in the walls, or signs of water damage or quick repairs.

Never decide on a condo in a single day. Even if you think you’ve found the perfect place, you should sleep on your decision.

Also, when you get home, you can use an online crime map, school map, and other interactive maps to get to know the surrounding location better.

Ask Friends, Family, and Co-Workers About the Condo

One of the final steps in choosing a condo is getting inside information.

When you’ve narrowed down your list, ask around and find out if you know anyone that’s lived or still lives in the condo development that you’re considering.

You might learn more about the area, the developer, or the owners if you happen to find a previous tenant in your circle of friends and family.

Another way to get this inside information is to talk to potential neighbors. If you get the chance while viewing a condo, strike up a conversation with an existing tenant and ask a few questions about the development.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Condo

After you’ve visited several condos, you can start narrowing down your list. Review all the details discussed and review the rules of the condo.

The condo rules shouldn’t be overlooked. For example, if they don’t allow pets and you’ve got a dog, then you might have an issue.

In the end, finding the perfect condo depends on what you want for your new home.

Hopefully, these tips have brought your attention to at least one feature that you might not have considered beforehand. Remember to make the list of features and check it twice. And, always sleep on your decisions.

If you keep these simple suggestions in mind, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right condo.


Author Bio – This guest article is written by Pete Morten to promote the sale of a luxury condo in Bangkok.