20 Mar / 2017

How to Make Your Cleaning Business a Success?

It is great that you have your very own cleaning business. But what do you do if it does not performу the way you expected or it does not yield desired results?

If you are interested in this topic, then here are 13 excellent tips to make your cleaning business a huge success! Have a look at them.

  • Never Give up on Learning

Though the business of cleaning services is not glamorous or complicated, the learning should never stop. An owner of such a business should always explore:

  • New technology that could aid him in cleaning his clients’ spaces
  • New Cleaning Equipment
  • New Safety Issues While Cleaning

The learning can aid to a great extent in offering services to your clients, exceeding their expectations and delighting them.

  • Utilize All the Resources to Grow

There are many organizations and even government associations that provide support to the businesses involved in offering cleaning services on fronts such as:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Providing Workforce
  • Management Issues

If you are lacking behind in any of the fronts or need assistance in any of them, you can get in touch with these government bodies and associations.

  • Clean as if it’s your own

Whether you are involved in cleaning of:

  • A Home
  • A Commercial Space
  • It is a Janitorial work
  • Or you are offering Specialty Cleaning Service

Clean as if you are cleaning your home or workplace. This builds loyalty among your customer and boosts up his trust in you.


  • Have a Process

A process for everything in your cleaning business can help you out everywhere. Have a process to work consistently as well as efficiently. Even when you are not there to take care of your company, your established process will make sure that the organization runs as smooth as silk. You can have a function for:

  • Cleaning
  • Supervision
  • Reporting
  • Customer Feedback
  • Accounting
  • Management

A proper process in place keeps all the hassles at bay and ensureы a smooth functioning of the organization.

  • Stay Cautious

It is advised to be very careful as you provide your services to a client of yours. Do not rush while you serve as it might hamper your quality very badly. Though a customer can understand when an accident takes place, but no client of yours would tolerate your goof-ups due to your carelessness.

Understand that the cost to repair something could be far more than the money that you earn from a client. Thus, stay cautious as you work for a client. Strive for quality work and delighting the customer.

  • Don’t Cut Your Prices

Why undersell yourself as compared to your competitor when you have many ways to sell your services at the same price and still get many clients.

  • Improve the quality of your service
  • Improve your turnaround time
  • Come up with innovative cleaning techniques
  • Clean with advanced and modern cleaning equipment

Don’t simply cut your prices and go in a loss to acquire clients.


  • Never Treat Your Employees Bad

Employees are the backbone of every organization. They are imperative to your success because it’s the quality of their performance that will take your business to a new height. Here are quick tips to pamper your employees.

  • Train them well
  • Encourage and respect their ideas
  • Appreciate them for their good work
  • Pay their fee on time
  • Provide them with bonuses and incentive on the basis of their performance
  • Pick a Niche

Generally speaking, there are three major niches in the cleaning business:

If you can manage all three, then go for it. But if you’re skeptical even about one of them, refrain yourself from picking that niche because you don’t want an unsatisfied customer at the end of the day.


  • Be Proficient in Your Computer Skill

Your computer skill can benefit you everywhere and always. Ensure that you know at least the basics.

Apart from the basics, get yourself trained in:

  • Billing
  • Inventory Control
  • Payroll
  • Record Keeping

The world is getting technologically advanced and so is every industry. You surely do not want to lose the race because you are unaware of the simple functions and functionalities of a computer system.

  • Continuous Tracking of Labor Cost

Labor is your fixed cost. If you don’t pay heed to your labor costs, they‘ll get away from you. Make sure to have a daily report mentioning the daily expenses of your labor and on your labor. See whether or not you are charging an extra fee for the additional service provided. In case, if you are under on your labor estimate, ensure that your workforce is offering quality service that you promised to your customer.


  • Give Priority to Customer Service

Offering excellent customers service is important but maintaining a healthy relationship with them is crucial as well. For instance, don’t just give the estimate of the janitorial work, execute it and leave. Ensure that you:

  • take necessary follow-ups
  • stay in touch with the customers through emails, sms and other touch points.
  • respond to their queries as quickly as possible

Strive for a long-lasting bonding with your customers.

  • Keep an Eye on the Economy

Do not overlook or ignore the condition of your country’s economy. In case of an economic downturn, ensure that you have resources to cope with it. Do look for opportunities when the economy revives.


  • Don’t Focus on Every Job

Focus your time and efforts on profitable work that you enjoy rather than sticking to a job or work that is undesirable.

Do incorporate these tips and hacks in your cleaning business to see it growing by leaps and bounds.