21 Apr / 2017

Tips for Selecting Your Painting Color Schemes

Living in an elegant home is a dream comes true for every homeowner. Your color schemes play a significant role in improving the aesthetic value of your home. Choosing perfect colors for your property can be sometimes tricky. The physical and psychological color is different. You may physically be attracted to certain colors, but the question is ‘’what effect do they have on your moods?”.  Before selecting your paint colors, and paint supplies you will use to apply the paint, here are some of the tips which will help you select unique paint color which will bring some good mood in your home.

Sitting room

It has been said again and again that our homes speak much about who we are. Your living room is one of the most important areas which should be kept elegant. Try to select neutral colors which will maintain the real appeal as well as maintain your living room temperatures. Thus may include soft silver sage or warm khaki green both paired will white trimmings and ceiling.

If fresh colors aren’t your taste, then you may consider warm and energetic hues like red, orange or yellow. Due to their calming effect they bring, they are also known as gathering colors. Warm colors help reduce your energy bills by keeping your room warm.


Not every kitchen paint color will rhyme well with your kitchen. As much as you should maintain your cooking area cool, some cool hues like gray or blue-green do not go well with food. However, you may consider using them sparingly. Health wise, kitchens are supposed to be painted yellow. Yellow has been known for its appetite boosting properties.

In case you don’t love yellow; you may consider painting your kitchen using white color. White hue is appealing to the eyes and helps reflect more heat from your cooking area. This means that you won’t require a fan during summer seasons.


When we don’t get quality sleep, at times people tend to link it with stress or lack of exercise. Well, as much as this may contribute to poor night sleep, your bedroom color can dictate the quality of sleep. Everybody has their color tastes and preferences that are why you will get different paints from your local paint store.

A bedroom is a place where you go to relax so try as much as possible to select cool and relaxing colors. One of the major factors to consider is temperature. Dark colors are active on the eyes and create a stimulating impact; this will affect your sleep. However, going for cool colors will help you overcome this. This may include blue-green, gray colors or even blue violet.

Cool colors are not everybody’s cup of tea. However, subtle and light warm hues like soft pink or yellow can do you better. For tranquil and calm bedrooms consider white paint layering alongside with white linens and furniture’s, celery tones or blue-gray hues.  Remember your room is for relaxation purposes; try to avoid high-energy colors like tropical imbues light-green, bold or dark red.

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