22 Feb / 2017

How to Spring Clean your Garage

Winter is nearly over (we imagine the sound of cheers here) and Spring begins in late March, so we thought what better way to prepare yourself for the better weather conditions than giving your garage a spring clean. We know that the garage becomes a place to store junk and rubbish, particularly in winter. Whether all your wrapping paper from Christmas is still there, or whether you’ve hid all your summer furniture there to keep it out of the cold, now’s the time to start making it a little more presentable once again. Here are some of our top tips to guide you along the way to make it just that bit easier.

Set a date and time

First and foremost, setting a time and date is more than likely to encourage you, and be able to plan for the big task at hand. If you don’t psych yourself up for the job, you’re more than likely to find something better to do (although we’re not sure what would be considered as better than cleaning your garage). Why not make the task a little better for yourself? Check out the local weather forecast and ensure that your chosen day is mild in weather conditions and temperature. Then you’re able to pull out the entire garage contents and work out what you need and what you don’t!

Chuck what you don’t use

Tale as old as time, being afraid to chuck something – just in case there is a use for it one day. Especially if we’re storing it in our garages – do we really need it? A question you do not have to think about so long and hard.

Be cut throat, especially when it comes to things that are covered in far too much dust. And if you think that some things will still be useful for someone, how about taking it to your local charity shop? That way you’ve done your most dreaded task for the year and helped out others.

Invest in the correct equipment

Invest in a good sweeping brush and dust mask. Considering how infrequently some of us use them, you’d be surprised how much dust accumulates in concrete garages. Dust can actually be quite damaging to your health when breathed in large quantities, especially the kind of dust that accumulates in a garage. Budget dust masks and sweeping brushes are available from nearly all DIY shops and are worth spending the money on.

The future of your garage

Once you have it all cleaned, maintaining it is the next step. There is nothing wrong with using the garage as a room just for storage, however there are many other uses. With a bit of tweaking, your garage could become additional space for your home. Many convert their garages into a gym, a workshop, an office. And not to mention the many successful businesses which had their origins in a garage, and for the musical of us, many successful bands which used a garage as rehearsal space in the early days.