23 Nov / 2016

The Benefits of a Drop Arm Awning

When you have windows or outdoor spaces you want to protect from the harsh sun, it may be difficult to decide what type of shade you should utilise. Not all products are created equal, and there are definitely options that are better than others. A drop arm awning is one such superior choice as it provides a wide range of benefits immediately after installation. Your residential or business property is likely to have a number of windows as has been the trend for thousands of years.

These components of your home allow in natural light and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without obstruction. That said, you should always have control over how much sunlight it lets into your building at any given time. In addition, you should be able to cover your windows at night to increase security and keep them protected from the weather. For these reasons and more, a drop arm awning is a great opportunity for convenience and beauty.


One of the best advantages gained when you install drop arm awnings is the flexibility they provide. With the ability to use them only when you need them, they can easily blend into the background of your property when not in use. When you need to cut down the invasion of the hot summer sun or let in a little light, these awnings are right there when you need them.

Simple and Easy Use

Many people choose to install these awnings due to their simplicity of use, and this simplicity remains true whether you choose manual or automatic operation. With a manual method, you simply crank a handle to extend and retract your awning, while a motorised approach will increase the convenience of these awnings significantly. Whatever method you prefer, you need only lose a few seconds to use your awning or put it away.

Property Value

Any addition to a home or business that adds to its beauty or functionality will in turn add to the property value. These awnings are a great addition as they serve to capture the attention of potential buyers and help you ask for a higher price when you put your property up for sale. When you have a tight renovation budget but want to make a few changes toward the betterment of your home, these are a great opportunity to do so without stretching your money too far. The addition of these and a few other minor changes may add thousands to the value of your property, and that money can be put toward other investments such as a new home or building.

Shade and Shelter

Practically, these awnings serve to shade and shelter a building from the sun and other weather. The high-quality materials used in their fabrication are enough to ensure their lifespan for years, making their installation all the more cost-effective and useful. During severe weather, these awnings will protect the integrity of your home and help stop nature from forcing its way inside. During the hottest days of the year, they can dramatically reduce your energy consumption by blocking the sun and keeping your interior space naturally cooler. This will in turn reduce the work necessary to keep your home cool.