9 Dec / 2016


With every home, the owner has a dream of beauty and comfort. One wishes to improve and better the living space as per modern needs and evolution yet many fail to implement the big idea. Ever wondered what is the stopping factor? May be it is the fear of losing a great deal of money in achieving so.

Well, we at RenovateColumbus.com well understand the apprehensions and concerns of the house owners and thus, can fit into your idea of renovation and offer a great deal.We begin with entrusting confidence to the client, opening up to all queries and bringing out a perfect renovation model that best fits in your house and pocket. With our list of services available, as mentioned below, we make house at Columbus, a dream house to live in:

  1. The Choice of Contractor:

With a home renovation plan, the search of a reliable contractor is the first step. All around the Columbus a bunch of contractors areavailable yet the reliable ones are just a few; making it a critical step altogether. People come up with false customer satisfactory content on website and various other deceiving tools like a very frugal price; however, price should not be the only deciding factor.So make up a smart choice and pick Renovate Columbus.com for a decent offering solution with a good fit project. Our renovation deals include as much as home renovation, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and also basement remodeling- all available at your disposal.


  1. Dispensing a Relaxed Remodel Plan:

The remodeling process takes up one with fear as it involves a great planning, may consume sufficient time and have money constraints. Staying in budget yet achieving a good renovation has been the real tribulation.Moreover, the realtor at Columbus urges keeping home renovation in a way that least affect the architecture. Thus, the only way to achieve a relaxed renovation, keeping you in comfort both in terms of work and budget, the team at Renovate Columbus.com dispense the best they have. Once the project is taken up, all your ideas become our motto and all the hassles our responsibility.

  1. TheKitchen Renovation Plan:

Kitchen besides being the major attraction of the home at times fail to serve the purpose, making renovation a compulsion.The need of a functional and an accurately designed kitchen cannot be over ruled. A free moving space, well managed counter top, cabinets to store material, and area to sit are some of the major requisites of the area. At Renovate Columbus.com, we offer many options to achieve a customized kitchen suiting one’s need and taste. The facility of lightening, modernized equipment, better appliance comes both with feasibility and style with Renovate Columbus.com.

  1. And the Bathroom Renovation:

The need of afunctional bathroom and a one designed to offer space, tranquility is something that we cannot ignore. The idea of functionality, luxury and appropriately designed bathroom comes into play, especiallywhen it comes to the master bathroom. One might want to renovate this space as per one’s own ideas and suiting one’s comfort and age. We at Renovate Columbus.com have different renovation plans for kids, elders and female users. The renovation comes with the spa concept, low-energy consuming fixture, stylish tubs, multi-function shower controls, metallic fixtures and the facility of heated floors and much more that can be discussed over.