29 May / 2017

Reducing Hard Drive Failures in a Server

Hard drives can fail for a wide variety of reasons, but one of the most common within server rooms is overheating. This is because drives are made of moving parts and sensitive electronic components that can degrade from excessive heat, according to MovinCool.

The newest hard drives on the market can safely reach temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius, but server rooms without a server room air conditioner, proper ventilation, and other cooling systems can create conditions needed for extensive overheating.

Many small businesses think it’s a good idea to place their servers in a closet or other small enclosed space that’s out of the way. This is often a mistake because these areas don’t have access to central air conditioning systems or adequate ventilation. To resolve this issue, you can place a computer room air conditioner in the server room. This will keep the air surrounding your computers at safe levels for hard drive operation.

Even server rooms that do have access to central air may not receive the appropriate cooling to keep up with the heat generated by multiple computers running at the same time. A moderately hot room can create the conditions necessary for excessive heat within a computer case. That’s why you may want to consider using a datacenter cooling unit to provide supplemental cooling. While this type of solution may not be appropriate for very larger server farms, it will do the job for a company with a small or moderate amount of systems.