Tips on Securing House Windows

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Although house windows offer plenty of benefits, they can potentially provide a way for intruders and burglars to enter your home. This is why you need to make sure that you are able to secure them properly. Here are some tips on how you can do this.

1. To keep sliding windows from opening, insert a dowel rod. You can first measure the track and then cut a wooden dowel or a metal rod which would match the length of the window track. Place it securely on the track between where the window is and where the window slides. Ensure that the rod or dowel is sturdy and that it would not easily bend or snap.

2. For double hung sashed windows, your best option would be to bolt and chain them. You can have one end of the chain attached to a bolt and run it through a hole that you would be drilling through the sash. You can then screw the other end of the chain on the window casing.

3. If you have louvered house windows, it would be advisable to replace them with glass ones. This is because louvered windows can easily be penetrated by intruders. By replacing them with tougher glass, you can be sure that they would be harder to open or break into from the outside.

4. You can also install storm glazing on each window, particularly those windows which are on the basement or the first floor. Doing this would protect your windows from burglars in the same way that it can protect them from flying debris during storms. Although the burglar can keep on trying to break the window, because of the glazing, he would have a difficult time doing so and would most likely be deterred since he would risk added attention as he tries to repeatedly break the glass.

5. Aside from checking whether or not the built-in locks of each of your house windows are working properly, it would be good to install additional locks on your windows. There are plenty of additional locks that you can purchase from most hardware stores which you can install without having to replace the built-in locks that your windows have.

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